DNS adventure: How to destroy your email.

Since I'm handling everything except production, I was the one who added the DNS record for Shopify to my domain. It used to point to Etsy's pattern. I cleared out everything and then happily added the new DNS record.

Recently, I realized that my email hasn't received any new messages. I even tried to send a message to myself... but nothing. The reason I looked into this is that I really wanted the emails that people subscribe to come from, not It took me an hour of searching on Google to finally realize that I had erased the MX records for Google Workspace, LOL. Anyway, everything is fixed now, and all emails coming from our website will have a professional look!"

P.S. As it turns out, Google Workspace allows the creation of alternate email addresses (email aliases) for existing addresses, so I can have different emails listed for different purposes. For example, people offering their help with my website can write to :)


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