Why "Because it's cool"?

Some people think that our slogan implies something about the clothing, but truth is, it's always been something I felt about being a designer. My passion made me into Jack of all trades.

As a designer I design, make patterns, write assembling instruction and prepare samples for the production. I'm also keep track of everything related to finances - pricing calculation, salaries, financial plans and analysis, taxes.. you name it! Bless me for getting financial management degree to be capable of handling it. Then there are photoshoots and product descriptions.. Marketing it is. Customer service -  I had to learn how to understand and provide the best solutions for any issue that my client could have. Then there's management. I do not handle production and shipping anymore, but I used to and I had to teach my employees how to handle it. Teaching people brought a deeper understanding of the things I was doing. This made me better at everything I had to pass to someone else.  I lead my people, I step in and resolve an issue and make sure it either won't happen again or describe to an employee how to handle it in the future. 

Because it's cool..
To do what you love, you enjoy.
To be so passionate you can get through any obstacle. 
To grow along with your company.
To be so much more than just a designer.
To be a human that never stops evolving. 

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