How to start something

I was 17 when my desire to be a designer crystalized. I had a year and something to finish studying clothing design and pattern making in a technical school. It's great when you have time to think, right? 

I finished it and I didn't know where to start my path. I did figured out that it have to understand how to run a business. I went to Academy and enrolled in 4 years professional bachelor program to study financial management. There were business management programs that would take only 2 years which is not enough to get ready to start something, right? This was my way of putting aside something I wanted to do, but did know how.

While studying, I even forgot why I went to study. I was at a job interview for junior financial manager position when I was asked where I see myself in 5 years. I told them -I want to be a fashion designer. This is the moment I failed the only job interview I attended in my whole life and went back to figuring out how to start my I-want-to-be-a-designer .

I have to be honest, even finishing the degree didn't make it clear. I did acknowledge that the thing I'm planning to build is huge and complex. I had no idea how to reach what I desire and I realized there's way too many things to figure out to make a plan I could follow. Don't get me wrong, registering a company, or a label or just naming yourself a designer won't do it. Then it shot me - it's not about how, it's about where. I had no idea where to start. 

My goal was far away and I couldn't clearly see the path to it, I had to find a closer goal in the direction of my main goal. My first step was dropping all distractions and focusing on the closest goal I could find. This is how I created my first garment.


So, how to start something?

Just start it!

Anywhere and anyway you can.

 futuristic cyberpunk dress

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